Discover how Condoms are made?

Although many people use condoms during sexual intercourse, they probably have little information about the components of condoms. The constituents of the preservatives include the raw material itself and the lubricant and retardant active ingredient.

Condoms Raw Material - Natural latex

It uses good quality natural latex when producing condoms. Before purchasing the raw material, each latex group is tested and inspected in the production area. Latex is tested again after it reaches the factory.

All condom products are subjected to dermatological tests. International procedures and techniques have been adopted in the production process. Before shipment, the quality of the products is re-tested for compliance with international standards (for latex condoms) and the standards stipulated by the respective countries. 

                       Sample Video for How it is made

Condoms Components Lubricant
Condoms contain colorless, tasteless and non-sticky lubricants to make your sexual relationship more smooth and pleasant. Even if you use a large amount of lubricant, you can wash it with water. Thus, you can easily increase the pleasure of your sexual experience. In general, lubricants are water based and will not harm your skin. Women with vaginal dryness may try lubricants.

Components of Condoms - Reterdant
Everyone wants a great sexual experience to last. Some Performance condoms have the effect of prolonging sexual intercourse. The reservoir tips of these particular Performance condoms contain benzocaine active agent with retarding action to prolong the duration of sexual pleasure.

By looking at this information about the components of condoms, you can choose the right condoms according to your needs. The components of condoms from trusted companies are reliable, but we would like to remind you that very few people are allergic to latex because of their special body structure. Therefore, if you experience discomfort after using a condom, you should consult a doctor immediately..


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