Tips For Two-Time Sex In A Row

sounds nice having sex all night, but sometimes it can be hard to perform more than one night. However, there are ways to shorten the recovery time and fuel your partner's fever until you are ready to continue again.

Relieve fatigue
No one expects you to return to action immediately, and taking a breath is likely to recover faster in the long run. One of the benefits of sex is the sparkle you get afterwards, so enjoy it for a while. Stay close, so that you feel emotionally connected, and that keeps the hormones that are needed to stimulate repetition.

Create excitement
After breathing, taking a shower together is a great way to awaken your emotions and gather strength to start over. You'll be practically cleaned (and you feel less timid when it's time to start again), as well as showering together, opening doors to new space and new experiences, making things more interesting. If you need more time, give your partner pleasure with a sensual scalp massage. Soaping each other from excitement to bubbling will have a similar effect. A well-targeted shower head will also help your partner to tickle up and down in the air until the second round.

Oral obsession
Oral sex can do wonders for both sides. There are a few tactics to get the wind back. Oral sex is great for arousing and provoking your partner until both sides are ready to penetrate. Position 69 is ideal for throttling each other and gives your partner a new angle of pleasure.

Time to advance
When you have enough power to start over, fast, hard sex is probably not your best bet. Go at a slow pace and choose a position that both sides like, rather than a position that will make you feel like running a marathon. Lubricants not only prevent friction and pain (these will prevent you from having sex all night long), making things more fun for both parties.

Know how to troubleshoot
If you have difficulty maintaining your erection after penetrating your partner, try the missionary position, but when your legs are open, he will close his legs. Thus, the environment becomes tighter for you, your affect increases and your blood flow to your penis accelerates. This means that you can continue your sexy session to give your partner pleasure.


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